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鋁合金 Aluminum Alloy

鋁合金因具有耐腐蝕、導電導熱性佳、質輕、無毒性、加工性強等特性,因而廣泛應用於現代工業:如家電用品、通訊設備、手機、電腦周邊設備、數位相機、散熱片、 食器、食品包裝、建材、照明、汽車、航空設備等

Aluminum alloy has properties of corrosion resistance, good electrical, thermal conductivity, nontoxic, easy to process, and etc. It is widely applied in modern industries: home appliances, communication equipment, cellular phones, computer peripherals, digital cameras, heat sinks, tableware, food packaging, building materials, lightings, automobiles, aviation equipment

Aluminum合 金 編 號
Alloy No
硬  度
厚 度 範 圍
用  途
1000 Series
AL 1050
AL 1070
AL 1100
F,O,H14,H16,H18≧ 0.10mm數位家電面板、照明、容器、導電材、電腦散熱片等....
Front panels of home appliances, lightings, containers,
conductivity materials, computer heat sinks, cell phone cases
3000 Series
AL 3003O,H32≧ 0.3mm頭燈、飲料罐、建築外牆......
Lamp heads, beverage cans, building outer walls, different
kinds of containers, ship materials, Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheet
5000 Series
AL 5052
AL 5182
O,H32,H34,H39≧ 0.3mm 交通工具、光學儀器、電腦外殼、LED背板、NB外殼....
Transportation, optical equipment, computer shell, LED backboard, NB shell…
6000 Series
AL 6061T6≧ 1.0mm船舶、車輛、陸上結構、機具
Ships, vehicles, structure on land, tooling…