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鋁合金 Aluminum Alloy

鋁合金因具有耐腐蝕、導電導熱性佳、質輕、無毒性、加工性強等特性,因而廣泛應用於現代工業:如家電用品、通訊設備、手機、電腦周邊設備、數位相機、散熱片、 食器、食品包裝、建材、照明、汽車、航空設備等

Aluminum alloy has properties of corrosion resistance, good electrical, thermal conductivity, nontoxic, easy to process, and etc. It is widely applied in modern industries: home appliances, communication equipment, cellular phones, computer peripherals, digital cameras, heat sinks, tableware, food packaging, building materials, lightings, automobiles, aviation equipment


不鏽鋼 Stainless Steel


The development of stainless steel is only near two hundred years, however its properties of excellent corrosion resistance, easy to process, durability and beautiful out-looking character has been widely applied in 3C products


銅合金 Copper Alloy


Copper or copper alloy are widely applied in communication equipment, wires, electrical manufacturing, electrical conducting materials. Heat conductivity is only next to gold, platinum and silver; therefore it is applied in heat sinks, cooling machines. Copper has excellent expansion; it can be made into plates, rods, wires


鋼鐵及其他 Steel & Comprehensive


We also offer different kinds of steel materials and other multiple application materials of compound, insulation materials or resin laminate board and so on Based on customers’ request, we can develop various materials.

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