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  Copper or copper alloy are widely applied in communication equipment, wires,    

  electrical manufacturing, electrical conducting materials. Heat conductivity is

  only next to gold, platinum and silver; therefore it is applied in heat sinks, cooling


  Copper has excellent expansion; it can be made into plates, rods, wires, pipes

  mechanical parts and coins, decorators. Copper and other metals form into alloy

  to compensate soft of pure copper, and be made into hard and beautiful brass,

  phosphor bronze for precision electronic components, daily necessities, crafts in

  different application fields.


Following table is the normalized supply types of copper alloy



Alloy No.






  O, 1/4H, 1/2H, H

≧ 0.05mm

 Transformers, connectors, terminals,




  O, 1/4H, 1/2H, 3/4H

   H, EH, SH 

≧ 0.05mm

 Door locks, crafts, terminals, sanitary

 equipment, plug, buttons, lamp





  1/2H, H, EH

≧ 0.05mm

 Terminals, connectors, bearings…


  1/2H, H, EH, SH

≧ 0.05mm





≧ 0.1mm

 Elastic materials, connectors, spring

 leaves, mold inserts…




  H, EH

≧ 0.1mm

 Connectors, terminals




  H, EH

≧ 0.1mm

 Glass frames, coins, decorations,

 appliance materials…



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